Friday, September 28, 2012

Emperor's Silk

I absolutely loved this coffee table. It came as a matching set to the two end tables that I re-did in a light bluish/green color, but we had long since decided that even if we bought coffee and end table sets together, we were not going to sell them all together. 

Here is the before:

So with this one, I got more inspiration online and KNEW I needed a chunky coffee table to pull off the rich color of this red. Those
So I painted it with ASCP in Emperor's Silk and dark waxed it. And here is the after:

So fun, right? The red is bold for sure... not for everyone, but it's the perfect statement piece for a room full of neutral decor. And the dark wax toned down the red a TON. At first I was like, whoa too bright! But the dark wax added a richness and depth that made me fall in love. 

Those two large drawers were awesome. It is so hard to find a coffee table with storage that isn't uber expensive or ugly. This wasn't either. We sold it in a mere 2 hours!! I've been dying to do another, but haven't found the right shape yet. 

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  1. Gorgeous! Now I know what color to do my little three-tier piecrust table in.