Thursday, January 17, 2013


This week I'm so mad my camera is still getting fixed. The pictures my iphone took are grainy and I hate it! You will just have to use your imaginations with the clarity of the pictures. I'm sorry! :(

Last week I picked up a gorgeous dresser... but it needed work. Let's look at some before pics I took:

It's a bow front dresser, antique and solid oak. I took the drawers out so your could see the major problems.

The middle drawer, right drawer slide was loose. I had to hold it up to take this picture.

The left side was missing altogether. I had to enlist the help of a friend of mine who has a bunch of fancy tools and is a master woodworker. He helped me cut a new drawer glide to match the other side, then we nailed and glued it in place. 

The top two drawers were the same basic thing but reversed. The left side was in tact, but the right side was missing (below is the left side).

Right side after--we took out the old wooden glider and used it as a pattern to make the new one, which also had a tenon on the end of it, and then replaced it with a new glide and put the old one on the left side. What is a tenon, you may ask? I'll explain in another post tomorrow!

 Left side after (I also glued everything and put wood filler where there were any gaps):

The side panels of the dresser were the only things not solid hardwood. They were oak plywood and the middle seam was puckering due to exposure to moisture.

I used a utility knife and cut away the puckering (pictured below), then filled it with wood filler.

 I also had to end up replacing all the drawer bottoms with new oak plywood, the gluing all the dovetail drawer joints together. They were old, cracked, stained... in a poor state, let me tell you! It was a bit more work than I originally wanted, but nothing I didn't know how to do, so that is what convinced me to buy the old gal anyhow!

I put the dresser in my bedroom and lived with her for a few days before I thought of GREEN! The top was in perfect shape, so I knew I wanted to leave that be, but I had been waffling between blue and yellow for the bottom. Either would have been lovely, but once I cleaned up the original brass hardware, Antibes Green just spoke to me. I distressed it plenty on the edges and corners and dark waxed it like no ones business because Antibes Green SOOC (straight out of can) is a little bright. I LOVE how it turned out. 


Check out the adorable keyhole cover or 'escutcheon'! And that carved decorative piece at the bottom is to die for.... one of a kind for sure!

This vignette I put together in a quick hurry. I had less than 5 minutes to take all these pictures (I had to hurry and load it to be delivered to the store before they closed) and thank goodness my collection of pretty things is getting better! A vintage white pitcher with a set of silver-plated knifes I found at the thrift store, a stack of cover-less old books, a white ceramic bird and a large white pitcher with bunches of hydrangeas!

Simple, yet I love how the green leaves of the hydrangeas coordinates with the green of the dresser.

I love bow-front dressers. Also, I feel bad I didn't get to take more pictures with better lighting and a better camera, because the texture I was able to achieve with the dark wax was incredible. I kept admiring it every time I'd walk by (I finished on Monday and put it in the shop today).

There she is! Esmeralda sitting below my home-made gold-leaf-framed chalkboard!

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  1. love the way this dresser turned out! I have a can of green paint in almost the exact same color to use... but I need to find the right piece. Truly a great job!

  2. It's beautiful and the photos are just fine!

  3. your dresser looks great. antibes green or ninja turtle green as it is known in our house looks awesome after the dark wax. great job.

  4. It turned out beautifuly. Love the hardware! Antibes green has a soft spot in my heart, it's just such a happy green.

  5. Hi, I featured your dresser on my blog Finding Fabulous today! I love green dressers...yours is beautiful!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. You did a beautiful job. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Winter Blues Wednesday party going on right now. Hope to see you there.