Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hand-Painted Country Wardrobe

This week I scored on Craigslist! I got this wardrobe, an adorable dresser and a console table! Here is the wardrobe reveal... sorry no before pics! Very simple, nothing ornate or detailed.

The repairs were pretty simple and included a bit of wood filler and wood glue... I was happy! I agonized over how to paint her, but I finally decided I loved the Shabby Chic look best and wanted to keep it with the light grays/cream. I used a 4:1 French Linen to Old White for the body, and Old White on the front panels. The stain of the wood seeped through a bit, but I kinda liked the color it all ended up so I didn't stress too much about it.

I wanted to let the character show through so I sanded quite a bit on the edges, but in a natural-wear way. The inside was a bit musty smelling, so I watered down Kilz (to block the odor) and put a very light layer of watered down Old White on top of that. I love the white-washed look it has now!

Then I was thinking to trade out the latch. But after looking closer, it was built into the door and putting in something new would require drilling a hole and well... I decided it looked charming! And I found out this type of latch is a vintage "window turn latch. And they were used on cupboards and closet doors quite often back in the day.

Lastly, it was still looking a little... blah to me. So I decided to add a little embellishment by way of hand-painting along the edges. My inspiration for the design was this dresser by Miss Mustard Seed.

Linking up tonight with Miss Mustard Seed!

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  1. Gorgeous. You were spot on to keep that old latch. The way you distressed and added the embellished flowers makes the entire piece look authentically aged.

  2. I love it! the shabby chic look was perfect for her... you did an amazing job!

  3. IT'S AWESOME!!! Great color choices and the hand painted design really sets it off ♥

  4. This is so cute! Love your little painted details on the sides.

  5. I love this cabinet! You did an amazing job on it (as usual)
    : )